Welcome to the Ullal Lab at RPI

We write and characterize 3D nanostructured polymers with superresolution optics

Our research dream is to “dial in” material properties of 3D nanostructured bulk materials through precise fabrication and characterization of polymers. The consistent themes of our research are polymers, unconventional nanolithography, and optics. A unique strength of our group is the use of super-resolution optics, i.e. the ability of far field optical microscopy and lithography to circumvent the diffraction barrier and achieve nanoscale resolutions with visible light. Through our recent and ongoing contributions, we seek to establish research leadership in the application of super-resolution optics to reveal and control the 3D morphology of nanostructured polymers and gels.

Meet the Team

Principal Investigator


Chaitanya Ullal

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Ph.D. Students

Masters Students

Undergraduate Students


Alexander Yepikhin

Former Master’s of Engineering Student

Alice Chiu

Former Master’s Student

Ao Liu

Former Master’s of Engineering Student

Apostolos Karanastasis

Former Post Doc

Harikrishnan Vijayamohanan

Former Ph.D. student

Michael Deagen

Former Ph.D. student

Neha Chauhan

Former Ph.D. student


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(2019). Quantification of Functional Crosslinker Reaction Kinetics via Super-resolution Microscopy of Swollen Microgels. Soft Matter, 15, 9336-9342.



  • 110 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180
  • Our labs are in the Materials Research Center (MRC 229A, 230 and 231) and the CII building (CII 7208).